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Helping You Find Your Dream Home

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The Home Buying Process

First Steps
You will need to get pre-qualified and pre-approved for a loan to determine your price range and obtain a pre-qualification letter from your lender. The letter will accompany any offers you make on a home. 

Next, drive around different areas of interest and decide the location you desire most. We will discuss and outline your home needs, wants and wishes.

I will research available homes and provide you with a list of homes that meet your desires and set up a portal that will allow you to flag homes you like, are maybe interested in and trash those you do not like.  Feel free to use the links above to search for homes you may be interested in and let me know of any you would like to see.  Remember, I can show you any home regardless of what company has it for sale.

Writing an offer
When we find the home that best meets your needs, I will assist you in preparing an offer for the seller and conduct all negotiations.  At the time of writing an offer, you will need to have your checkbook in order to provide Earnest Money.  Earnest money is a deposit that accompanies an offer and is cashed upon contract acceptance. It is credited back to you at closing. You will also need your pre-qualification letter from your lender to accompany the offer.

Under contract
Once an agreement between you and the Seller has been reached for the contract terms and price, you will hire an home inspector to perform a thorough inspection of the home. This is an out of pocket expense to you that is paid at the time of inspection (average cost is $500-$1,000).

You will also begin receiving paperwork in regards to the current ownership of the home and any HOA documents or other documents of public record.  You will want to review these documents as they arrive.

I will guide you through all of the deadlines and other steps you need to take during this time. 

This is when the Buyer, Seller and Real Estate Agents meet to sign the final paperwork and when you become a new home owner!


Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

1. They don’t ask enough questions of their lender and end up missing out on the best deal.

2. They don’t act quickly enough to make a decision and someone else buys the house.

3. They don’t find the right agent who’s willing to help them through the homebuying process.

4. They don’t do enough to make their offer look appealing to a seller.

5. They don’t think about resale before they buy. The average first-time buyer only stays in a home for four years.

Source: Real Estate Checklists and Systems,

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